About Grand Himachal Tour

“GRAND HIMACHAL TOUR” as the name describes, we will lead you to the unexplored with perfection.

Incredible India is the combination of nature, culture, and architectural wonders. Within, Himalaya is a perfect place for the tourists who want to get rid of their hectic daily life and relax him / her in natural surroundings. What was first just a confluence of ideas from likeminded travelers has now become a mantra for people from all across the world who seek the path less traveled. And GRAND HIMACHAL TOUR has been established to introduce you with these hidden treasures and our traditional hospitality is an added attraction for any tourist in Himalaya.

You can dance with the clouds with our Trek Solutions, scream to your heart's contents at high altitudes or feel the wind in your face and explore the unexplored with our Tour packages, or just fly over the mountains with our Paragliding packages; these are just a few experiences that GRAND HIMACHAL TOUR has to offer.

We always try to make every tour a responsible travel, by maintaining a delicate balance between facilitating the need for people to see places they wish to, in a safe and responsible manner, and for respecting the balance of the region we visit and reducing the impact of our visit. Bringing economic advantage to the areas we operate in is one of our top priorities, however, never at the cost of cultural and environmental degradation of that area. We always try and give something back to the region we travel in, alongside maintaining culturally and environmentally sensitive guidelines for our staff and guests. We are the complete tour operation company, who advices, plans and ensures our guests the most comfortable movement at the most competitive price.


We aim to ensure our trips have minimal negative and maximum positive impact on the places we visit. It is also dedicated to the conservation of natural and cultural resources of this region.

We always try to pay back to the regions by employing maximum India Himalayan locals only. On the other part, you can say that this is our way to be the best navigators too.

We prefer to work with companies that share our commitment to environmental responsibility.


We are specialized in leisure tours, business tours, adventure tours, group and incentive travel, special interest tours, tailor-made packages as well as conferences. Besides that we also provide individual services of hotel bookings, car reservation, air tickets etc.


Headed by two young Himalayan born buddies, the organization is having an extensive network of transport operators, hoteliers, experienced guides to provide you the best service during your tour to the Himalaya. Our guides, specialist in their relevant fields will ensure your safety and comfort as well as will provide you information on the relevant topics.

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